Berries Direct from the Farm

  • Fresh Concept is a soft fruit supply chain manager, able to supply berries for 52 weeks of the year, directly from the farms. We work collaboratively with suppliers and growers worldwide to offer retailers an efficient, transparent and cost-effective supply chain direct from the farms.  


Dutch and Belgian Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Redcurrants and Rhubarb.

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Team Members

Dieter Vanstaen


+31 65 01 21 486

E-mail Dieter

Kimo Hogenbirk

Sales Manager

+31 62 65 27 646

E-mail Kimo

Wim Vissers

Quality Assurance

+31 65 33 15 899

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Corrien Taks


+31 (0)76 514 09 68


GLOBALG.A.P certificate

Quality Assurance

  • Approved Pesticide Lists
  • Adherence to Pesticide Regulations
  • Signed Technical Undertakings